New technology of all-round heat transfer supplement for converter lining



The traditional converter carbon-based hot state filling material generally contains more than 10% asphalt/resin, which is carried out by the construction personnel during use. The material is put into the furnace to be repaired by hand. Under the action of high temperature, the asphalt and other organic matter soften and liquify, giving the material good bonding property and certain flow performance, so that the filling material can be bonded and paved in the position to be repaired. And form solid carbon bond, achieve the purpose of repairing furnace lining.

This construction method is mainly manual throwing, with high labor intensity, low efficiency, poor working environment, short throwing distance, inaccurate throwing position and serious waste of materials.

In order to solve the above problems, the United Yongrong University adopted the replacement machine in the converter maintenance site instead of manual operation, and achieved good results. The technology has the following main features:

First, the upper and lower transmission belts are arranged on the frame of the conveying machine, and connected with the driving device in the frame. There is a gap between the two transmission belts. Through the relative motion of the upper and lower transmission belts, the conveying machine will spring the feeding pack between the two transmission belts into the converter furnace.

Second, the bottom of the frame is installed with a walking wheel, the frame is installed with a push hand, the push hand and the walking wheel is connected with a supporting rod, convenient for the rapid steering and movement of the equipment in the field.

Third, by setting the walking wheel, pushing hand and supporting rod, it is convenient for workers to control the throwing direction of the material bag and ensure the throwing accuracy.

Fourth, the front and outside of the equipment is equipped with fire hood to effectively isolate the heat source, and the side is equipped with a protective cover to prevent the material package from falling out from the side or other dangers.

Fifth, the equipment structure and operation mode is relatively simple, convenient field personnel operation and maintenance.

Sixth, the packaging requirements of the supplementary material package are similar to those of manual throwing. Ordinary woven bags are used to pack into a certain amount of bags, and the weight is controlled within 3 kg (positive or negative deviation < 0.1 kg).

During the filling time, manually place the filling material bag by bag into the receiving port of the filling machine, and the filling material can be shot into the furnace through the acceleration of the conveyor belt, which can easily and quickly complete the filling of the large surface, small surface, trunnion area and molten pool part of the converter.

Field industrial application practice shows that the hot state charging technology is used to charge faster, charge direction is controlled accurately, fixed point charging is stable, the feeding is more uniform and easy to sintering. For the parts that are difficult to repair, such as trunnion, molten pool, slag line and other parts, it can also be repaired well, which can effectively improve the repair efficiency of charging material for converter maintenance and reduce the pre-furnace labor intensity. Avoid waste of materials. (Expert Group of Beijing United Rongda Engineering Materials Co., LTD.)