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Formerly known as Tangshan Hewei Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd, Hewei has been operating an industrial structure based on steel rolling and steelmaking since 2018. We have mainly offered Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC), operation, customized services, and engineering consulting with a detailed scope ranging from integration of process design, equipment design, the manufacturing of equipment and steel structure, production, installation, and commissioning. To enhance its competitiveness, the company was renamed Hebei Hewei Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2021. With a registered capital of RMB 13.11 million, we boast a wide range of clients, spanning China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.


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Attention should be paid to the construction of castable blocks

Castable, also known as refractory castable, is a mixture of granular and powdery materials made from refractory materials and binders. It is used after a certain degree of mixing, so that it tends to uniform, and has a certain flow construction, but also has a suitable construction time and hardening time, if it is dried by pouring way, it is called amorphous refractory. The castable can be used without sintering process, and the castable body should be baked when used. Compared with firebrick, it is more suitable for complex, special-shaped structure construction, with simple production process (because there is no fixed size requirements, save the pressing and firing process), easy to mechanized construction, construction speed and other characteristics, in some thermal equipment use effect is better than firebrick.


The establishment meeting of the Joint Working Group on hydrogen metallurgy standards was held

Yu Yong, President of the World Iron and Steel Development Institute, Party Secretary and Chairman of Hesteel Group, is the leader of the Joint working Group on hydrogen metallurgical standards


Rapid repair technology of blast furnace iron opening

Blast furnace operation to the middle and late stage of service, hearth, hearth or tuyere area, there will be local temperature, gas channeling, broken iron and so on. In order to maintain production, the iron factory will take measures such as hot spraying, grouting on cold or hot surface of cooling wall, improving cooling intensity, hot repair of iron mouth, etc., and then stop the furnace for maintenance of the nodes to be repaired. These rapid maintenance methods not only can effectively prolong the operation life of blast furnace, but also are widely used because of the continuous progress of its materials and repair technology. Among them, the fast repair technology of blast furnace iron mouth, in a very short maintenance time, using hot pouring way, fast repair of iron mouth area lining, has obtained a good application effect.



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